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Everett Railroad, March 26th, 2016

On the day before Easter, the Everett ran four short trips from its station in Hollidaysburg, Pa., to a location known as Kladder, where the staff put out hundreds of plastic eggs with candy inside for the children on the train to pick up.  In the morning, the engine crew had to deadhead 2-6-0 up from the steam shop in Claysburg, and at the end of the day they returned her there.

Enginehouse track, Claysburg
Zach Hall at Claysburg
Moon over Claysburg 1
Moon over Claysburg 2
Northbound at Polecat Hollow Road
Polecat Hollow Road
Northbound at Pringle Lane
Smoke trail at Monastery
East Freedom northbound
Beaverdam Branch, Hollidaysburg
Backing onto train, Hollidaysburg
Hollidaysburg reflection
Station silhouettes
Young man admiring steam
Zach Hall silhouette
Juniata bridge, 10 am train
1828 northbound on 10 am train
#11 returning to Hollidaysburg
Juniata bridge noon train 1
Juniata bridge, noon train 2
Juniata bridge noon train 3
Juniata bridge noon train 4
Juniata bridge noon train 5
2 pm train leaving Hollidaysburg
2 pm train on the hill
4pm train approaching West Loop Road
Boy in hat with full basket
Boy on father's shoulders 1
Boy on father's shoulders 2
Boy on father's shoulders 3
Family at Kladder
Coach at Hollidaysburg
Stephen Lane and Mike Fenstermaker 1
Stephen Lane and Mike Fenstermaker 2
Stephen Lane and Mike Fenstermaker 3
Southbound at East Freedom
Zach Hall pan 1
Zach Hall pan 2
Walnut Street, Claysburg
Claysburg end of day 1
Claysburg end of day 2

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