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Black River & Western Railfest, June 2018

New Jersey's Black River & Western has run tourist trains since 1965, and although not as wealthy or successful as the Strasburg in Pennsylvania, it has attracted a dedicated team of volunteers, including a large number of teens and twenty-somethings -- the next generation who will keep the skills and the railroad alive.  A number of these kids organized 2018's Railfest, which featured four Flemington-Ringoes round-trips powered by 2-8-0 #60 and also caboose hops running a mile from Ringoes down to Bowne Station on the "Alexauken Division", the until-recently out-of-service line to Lambertville which my father and I had ridden freights on in the 1970s and '80s.  Another few years of brush-cutting and track renewal and trains should reach Lambertville again; you go, kids!

Railfest passengers at Flemington
#60 greets the dawn
Volunteers greasing siderods
Nick Nastasi starts the air pump
Rob Sporek adjusting cylinder lubrication
Nick Nastasi adjusting class light
Nick Nastasi adjusting class light
400 arrives with freight car
#60 comes off the house track
Rob Sporek signals his engineer
#60 switching in Ringoes
Brakeman Jim Livezey cuts off #60
#60's engineer, Don Lachenauer
#60's engineer, Don Lachenauer
Don Lachenauer watches the blowdown
#60's engineer, Don Lachenauer
11:30 a.m. trip at Copper Hill
#60 southbound at Toad Lane
Caboose train northbound
#60 approaching Everitts Road
Deadhead run southbound at Hogtown
#60 facing the sunset in Ringoes

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