Chicago trip, 2018

In April 2018, my friend George Hiotis and I made a 14-day, 2300-mile journey from my home in Bloomsburg, Pa., to Chicago and back.  Ostensibly, we made the trip for the Center for Railroad Photography & Art's annual conference, but we spent most of a week before and all of a week afterwards on the road.  Between the two of us, we came back with about 10,000 images; we photographed at something like 75 locations, in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and West Virginia, from before dawn until long after dark on most days, stumbling on some astonishing places and buildings in addition to the dozens that George had put on the initial itinerary, developed through scads of research in the months before the trip.  For the story of our last day on the road, click here.  For other images from the trip, see below.

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